Graphics | Multimedia | Websites


To keep both websites and social media outlets interesting and visually appealing, I create targeted visuals to accompany messages. Many of my projects take traditional information and presents them graphically. Below you can see examples of this transformation for statistical information, academic research, and instructional advice.


Caregiving Infographic

Presenting information about the toll of caregiving in a visual format for WISER.

My Role | Graphic Designer
Skills | Illustrator

Toys 'R' Us Example

The Future of Girls’ Toys

The “girl” section of Toys ‘R’ Us in 2025, based on current toys and research of trends in the market.

My Role | Graphic Designer, Researcher
Skills | Photoshop, Illustrator

WISER Calendar

A print at home calendar filled with tips and reminders for a more financially responsible year.

My Role | Creator
Skills | InDesign


It is projected that by 2017, 70% of Internet traffic will be video streaming. Good online campaigns must integrate more than just text and static pictures. They should also be able to present their messages in audio and video formats. I work on a variety of projects to hone video editing skills and converting stories traditionally told in writing to visual storytelling.


“Capedal” is a documentary following six D.C. cyclists along the paths and trails they love most in Washington, D.C.

My Role | Cinematographer, Editor
Skills | Filming, Final Cut Pro

Girls in STEM

Discussion with gnovis Multimedia Director, Katie Gach, about the gender gap in STEM careers and the link to children’s toys.

My Role | Contributor
Skills | Research, Podcasting

Missed Love Connection

Given a certain set of footage from a bank robbery, I challenged myself to create a story that was not a bank robbery. Instead, I created a story of failed first romantic meeting.

My Role | Editor
Skills | Final Cut Pro

Thank You Volunteers

Film thanking volunteers for assisting with Freshmen Move-in Weekend at Georgetown University.

My Role | Cinematographer, Editor, Promoter
Skills | Filming, iMovie ’10


To fit the needs and goals of a specific companies and organizations, I design audience-driven content and strategies for websites. 

Residential Living Website

Office of Residential Living Redesign

Architect of new website, merging five student life departments at Georgetown University merged into one website. New site,, focuses on targeting specific audiences.

My Role | Designer
Skills | Web Design, HTML, Audience-driven communication, FatWire

Helping BODS

Conceived persuasive campaign to encourage youths and young adults to donate blood and organs. Designed website, edited videos, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and wrote strategic plan for the campaign.

My Role | Co-Founder
Skills | Website Design, HTML, iMovie, Writing, Persuasive Communication, Strategic Communication

Wise Construction Website

Wise Construction

Designed and developed a website for a privately owned construction company.

My Role | Designer
Skills | Website Design

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