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Dear Beloved, TTFN

A series of memos comparing historical epistolary novels to modern, examining how technology helps women resist their traditional suppressed role. Published  April 25, 2014 on gnovisjournal.org.

My Role | Researcher and Author
Skills | Research, Academic Writing

Image from americasavesweek.org.

Putting America Saves Week into Action

For a week, I followed the steps of America Saves Week and wrote about my experience to encourage others to save for retirement.

My Role | Author
Skills | Strategy Planning, Research, Blog Writing

Image from jillstein.org.

A Green Approach to New Media

New Media offers an opportunity for Third Parties to enter the political dialogue and circumvent the agenda setting mechanism of mainstream media, but the they must still find a way to engage traditional media. I examine Jill Stein’s 2012 Presidential Campaign as a case study.

My Role | Author, Researcher
Skills | Content Analysis, Research, Academic Writing, Political Media/Communications

Helping BODs Logo – Designed by Laura

Helping BODs

Helping BODs is persuasive campaign designed to encourage youths and young adults to donate blood and organs. In addition to this strategic plan for Helping BODS, the project included a website, videos, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

My Role | Co-Founder
Skills | Research, Non-profit communication, Persuasive Campaigns

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